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The MICR E13B font by MICR-Fonts.com is the most reliable and precise MICR font available. Together with our MICR Gauge, it will let you print checks that scan perfectly on all systems.
These fonts are used by Regional and National banks, as well as businesses of all sizes in the US, Canada, and in places in the world where MICR is used.


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Windows MICR E13B font
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MICR technology
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MICR E13B Font
by MICR-Fonts.com

Windows and Mac OS X Font

MICR E13B Font for check printing

Print reliable check MICR strips from any standard application

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Check Writer III

Check Writer print your own checks

This electronic checkbook with a built-in word processor by MICR-Fonts.com lets you print both check and accompanying letter with merge function.

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MICR Gauges
Make sure your layout checks out

E13B MICR Gauge

E13B MICR Gauge

Get a MICR Gauge for cut checks or continuous forms to make sure of your MICR printing.

From $14.99
Fast delivery, or Download and print in minutes

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Check Print'R

Check Writer print your own checks

This electronic checkbook works like the paper one :
enter the order, the amount, and it prints impeccable checks.

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MICR Suite to print checks

MICR encoding strip

MICR font set, MICR Calibration Wizard™, SecuWrite™
and SecureAmounts™ anti-fraud secure number fonts, V3.00.

Windows and macOS

The new SecureAmounts™ secure number fonts use the same technology as the latest bank note, to prevent unauthorized modifications in the amount
The Micr E13B Match™ fonts have been created with the utmost precision, and have been chosen by major American banks and Canadian  companies for their daily operation. The brand new Version 4 package now contains 15 MICR fonts suited to all current systems and laser printers. They are Fully Embeddable for PDF creation. This set is designed to accommodate all spacing needs and insure high reproducibility.

Immediate download

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CMC7 Fonts

Windows and Mac OS X Font
CMC7 Fonts for check printing

Print reliable check CMC7 strips from any standard application.
Used in Continental Europe, Mexico, Brazil, Japan...

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